Jotachar JF750 XT - Proven all-climate performance
Jotachar JF750 XT - Proven all-climate performance
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    Fabricating, lifting and transporting fire-protected steel in all climates is challenging. Jotachar JF750 XT has high flexibility that minimises the risk of lifting or transport damage, whatever the conditions.


    Engineering projects in the most extreme environments increases risk and complexity. All-climate Jotachar JF750 XT has been developed and tested in the world's only Arctic test station for coatings.


    Fire protection maintenance is challenging in arctic conditions. Jotachar JF750 XT enables a fast return to service in all climates - even the most extreme.


    Operational safety needs to be assured even in the most difficult conditions. Jotachar JF750 XT is proven, tested and certified for all climates.


    Project planning is complex, especially for sub-zero fabrication or site conditions. Jotachar JF750 XT efficient mesh-free application ensures on-time completion, whatever the environment.


    Jotachar can improve your profitability. Faster completion reduces crew and access cost.


    Jotachar 1:1 mixing ratio makes maintenance simple. Get it right first time with no errors.


    Fire protection application needn't be done on your own. Jotachar comes with the best support.


    Designing steelwork packages is complex. Fire protecting with Jotachar isn't.


    Specifying protection for both hydrocarbon fire and cryogenic spill isn't easy. It is with Jotachar.


    Applying fire protection to connections and blockouts can lengthen a project's critical path. Jotachar mesh-free application shortens it.


    Every maintenance campaign introduces operational risks. Fire protection with Jotachar doesn't.


    Maintenance schedules cost you serious money. Fire protection shouldn't.


    Jotachar carries all global independent fire & durability certification. That's an owner's duty of care taken care of.

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