Ships prow seem from below against blue sky
Ships prow seem from below against blue sky

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The world's leading marine paint supplier

Hull performance

Jotun is a world leader in hull performance – delivering verified average speed loss and fuel savings across our range of state-of-the-art anti-fouling coatings and through revolutionary solutions such as Hull Skating Solutions.

Corrosion protection

With almost 100 years’ experience in corrosion protection, at Jotun we have tailor-made anticorrosive coatings for newbuildings and drydocking – including solvent-free and low-VOC products.

Mechanical resistance

Our specialty coatings for cargo holds, decks and walkways provide solid abrasion and mechanical resistance for all types of cargoes and carry all necessary certificates.

Beautiful colour and finishes

At Jotun we deliver a wide range of topcoats in many colours and finishes such as metallic, including products made for brush and roller for sea-stock maintenance, that will keep your ship beautiful for longer.

Onboard maintenance and repair

Jotun’s sea-stock coatings are engineered for onboard maintenance and are easy to stock, mix and apply by brush and roller, making sure your ship stays in good condition.

Compliance and certificates

At Jotun, we deliver wide ranges of coatings certified for water ballast tanks, potable water tanks and cargo holds as well as coatings compliant with international standards and regulations.

Our solutions

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Hull Performance Solutions

3D-rendered graphic of Jotun's HullSkater robot

Hull Skating Solutions

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Jotun Hardtop Smart Pack Logo

Hardtop Smart Pack

Hardtop Smart Pack is a modified acrylic topcoat with a glossy finish and easy 1:1 mixing ratio.

  • Smooth finish
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Brush and roller application
Jotun Jotamastic Smart Pack Logo
Anticorrosive primers

Jotamastic Smart Pack

A surface-tolerant epoxy mastic primer designed for maintenance and repair with brush and roller.

  • Made for brush and roller
  • 1:1 easy mixing
  • Saves time and money
Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra III Logo
Fouling protection

SeaQuantum Ultra III

Low VOC antifouling, offering an ultra-low frictional resistance on the underwater hull, contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 11.7%.

  • Verifiable 2.0% speed loss
  • Up to 11.7% fuel savings
  • For low-activity trade
Jotun SeaQuantum Skate Logo
Fouling protection

SeaQuantum Skate

Developed specifically to optimise performance in combination with Jotun HullSkater, delivering reliable long-term performance as an integral part of Jotun Hull Skating Solutions.​

  • Verifiable 0.5% speed loss
  • Up to 16.2% fuel savings
  • Unlimited idle days

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