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The future of construction relies on turning visionary ideas into reliable, sustainable and beautiful architecture. At Jotun, we are passionate about supporting those who set out to discover innovative solutions and build for the future. With decades of experience, high-performing coatings and world class technical expertise we are trusted by leading architects and developers to beautify and protect buildings all over the world. Together, we can bring great visions to life. Empowering visions since 1926.

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Make it last

A wide range of high-quality coatings and solutions are designed to protect all types of property. Our high-performing technologies for fire protection, corrosion protection and long-lasting finishes will ensure your building stays beautiful and safe for years to come.

Make it beautiful

Our high performing topcoats and specialty finishes will protect your design and keep your vision alive for longer - whether you choose a metallic finish or a topcoat with UV resistance and superior gloss retention.

Make it reliable

Jotun delivers market-leading anticorrosive solutions for all types of infrastructure. Our high-performance coatings are rigorously tested to meet industry standards and provide excellent fire protection when it matters most.

Make it sustainable

Long lasting paints and coatings play a key role in a sustainable future, and make greener construction possible with minimum environmental impact in compliance with laws and regulations.

Tiles and candles coated with Jotun UltiMatt Cream coating

The UltiMatt Collection – rich colours with true matt finish

SteelMaster - Show your strength

Hardtop Design Metallics for architectural impact

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