Canvas collection 2024 cover image
Canvas collection 2024 cover image

Canvas collection 2024

Your home is your canvas

Canvas Collection 2024 by Jotun

Reflecting the beauty and nuances of nature’s own palette, this collection is designed to provide both aesthetic inspiration and practical insight.

Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager at Jotun

Canvas Collection

Inspired by nature

Green peace

Wall: Jotun 7685 Subtle Green

Try out 1775 Fresh pasta as an accent colour

Imbue your home with a sense of serenity by borrowing a palette of layered greens from the natural world.

Let it glow

Warm and grounded

Surface: Jotun 20217 Muted Coral

Try out 20217 Muted Coral as an accent colour

Touched with golden tones, colours such as Earthy Yellow, Mexico and Muted Coral are the cornerstones of rustic interior styles.

Under the pink

Beauty in brown

A fine balance

Wall: Jotun 12290 Antwerp-Beige

Mix and match the beautiful brown and beige colours

Into the blue

Middle wall: Jotun 5081 Silver Moon

Add 4947 True Blue to stand out

Applying a fresh feature colour to just a single element can have a truly transformative effect on the look and feel of a space.

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Colour assurance

Colour assurance

All our colours are developed with unique recipes specifically designed for Jotun products. Jotun guarantees correct colour rendering only with the use of Jotun's products and pigments. Please note that substrate, gloss, lighting conditions and other product finishes might influence the appearance of the colours. Due to variations in screen settings and operating systems, the colour that appears on your screen may not be the exact result of what you achieve. Digital colours are provided as a guide only.

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