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Building covered in high-shine metallic effect coating from Jotun, bathed in sunshine.

The Lifeshine collection

Jotun's Lifeshine collection is a selection of premium high-shine metallic effect powder coatings for building materials, that help protect your property.

Several cherry blossom trees in full bloom and green grass

The Cool shades collection

Jotun’s Cool shades collection is a range of heat reflective architectural powder coatings that reduce the temperature of aluminum building components exposed to the sun.

Steel bridge lightened up by red light in the night time

Marine and protective collection

Jotun’s Marine and protective colour collection is a range of premium topcoats for protective and marine industries – securing good hiding power and appearance.

Northern lights over a small village, the ocean and surrounding mountains

The Aurora collection

Jotun’s Aurora collection is a range of eco-friendly premium powder coatings inspired by the northern lights that hides die lines and substrate imperfections.

Tiles and candles coated with Jotun UltiMatt Cream coating

The UltiMatt collection

Jotun’s UltiMatt collection is the world’s deepest matt powder coating, and perfectly conceal surface imperfections or scratches while creating natural environments.

Desert sand dune

The Sahara collection

Jotun’s Sahara collection is a range of textured powder coatings designed for architectural aluminium facades to conceal imperfections of aluminum substrate such as die lines.

Building element coated with coating from Jotun Hardtop Design Metallics collection

Hardtop Design Metallics collection

Jotun’s Hardtop Design Metallics collection is a range of premium coatings combining sparkling metallic finishes with superior durability that withstands direct sunlight.

Piece of wood covered in rain drops.

The Woodspiration collection

Jotun’s Woodspiration colour collection is a range of premium topcoats for wood effect powder coatings in aluminum and steel projects.