Living room painted with Jotun Spring Air interior paint
Living room painted with Jotun Spring Air interior paint

Stories collection 2023

Our homes tell many stories

Kitchen and dining space painted with Jotun Soft Radiance and Soft Savanna interior paint

Create positivity and inspire creative expression

Dining area painted with Jotun Dusk green 3241 interior paint

Serene presence

Slow, soothing colours, soft pastels and healing greens.

Kitchen painted with Jotun soft rustic brown 2753 interior paint

Naturally grounded

Warm earth tones, muted greens, soft yellows and oranges.

Living room painted with Jotun poetry red interior paint

Curated living

Sophisticated reds, gallery-style naturals, blue accents.

Jotun colour samples including Jotun herb garden, Jotun natural green, Jotun mediterranean olive, Jotun rustic brown

Timeless colours

The colours featured are timeless. Not driven by fashion but chosen for their positivity, honesty and versatility – and their capacity to introduce a little joy into the home.

Kitchen painted with Jotun soft rustic brown and natural green interior paints

Create from the heart

In this collection we present colours for the new stories our homes are telling. A selection of tones, tints and hues selected for their power to create positivity and inspire creative expression.

Stories Colour Collection – 2023

Jotun Stories colour card

Discover our latest colour card

Jotun colour cards displayed on a shelf

Jotun Interior Colour Centre

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Living room painted with Jotun interior paint Desert Pink, Welcoming red and Hummus

Rediscover collection 2021

Jotuns Rediscover collection is a range of earthy and timeless hues to minimalistic shades that have been carefully picked from our archives.

Dining area painted with Jotun Wish 6384 and Jotun Imagine 6383

Together collection 2022

Jotuns Together collection is a range of newly developed colours complemented by timeless hues. The 28 shades are designed to be mixed and matched to create interiors that relax, energise, and inspire.

Colour assurance

Colour assurance

All our colours are developed with unique recipes specifically designed for Jotun products. Jotun guarantees correct colour rendering only with the use of Jotun's products and pigments. Please note that substrate, gloss, lighting conditions and other product finishes might influence the appearance of the colours. Due to variations in screen settings and operating systems, the colour that appears on your screen may not be the exact result of what you achieve. Digital colours are provided as a guide only.

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