Long lasting protection and beautification

An industry in need of change

Towards a greener industry

Time to lower emissions

Responsible for nearly 40% of the world’s CO₂ emissions, the construction industry needs to drastically reduce its production emissions and shift towards more sustainable operations.

Stricter environmental regulations

Growing evidence of environmental impacts, combined with increasingly strict environmental regulations and reporting requirements, are putting pressure on developers and owners to rethink their approach to sustainable buildings.

Driven by market demand

The focus on environmental impact and sustainability has increased considerably both through regulations, but also through a clear market demand. In many cases, the requirements and expectations from the consumer are often stricter than the market regulations.

Protecting property

How we support your sustainability ambitions

Green Building Solutions

In 2015, Jotun introduced Green Building Solutions (GBS). This includes a broad range of paints and coatings that have been independently verified and documented to earn valuable points towards green building certifications. By making projects easier to specify and encouraging greener building processes, Jotun helps customers all over the world reduce emissions, lower the use of hazardous materials, and comply with international green building standards.

Comply with international standards

Jotun’s range of products comply with LEED and BREEAM, two of the most well-known, international green building standards. By complying with LEED and BREEAM, you often also contribute to local building standards, which tend to have less strict requirements. The combination of our high-performing products working together makes it easier to attain LEED or BREEAM certification – aided by externally verified reports and documents to ensure customers acquire the greatest points value possible from their paints and coatings.

Environmental product declarations

With a wide range of products, Jotun can offer single source solutions for buildings, thereby supporting architects and contractors in achieving more sustainable buildings with important LEED/BREEAM points. To achieve this, Jotun has more than 300 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). Product-specific Type III EPDs ensures transparency of the environmental impacts of selected products. They are independently verified and details the life-cycle environmental impact of the specific products used.

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