Enabling the future of energy with long-lasting protection

Towards greener energy

Reducing CO₂ emissions

Steel production is highly energy intensive - Extended lifetime, reduced maintenance, improved operational safety, saves costs and reduces emissions.

Minimising the need for additional steel protection

Steel is, by volume, the most common engineering metal – and is known to easily corrode in many environments. In a recent report, preventing steel corrosion – and thereby reducing the need for more steel production – is highlighted as one of the keys to a more sustainable future.

Proven long-lasting steel protection

Structural steel equipment, especially in the most severe climates surrounded by air pollutants and sea water, is under constant threat of corrosion. Jotun’s high-performing anticorrosive solutions have been engineered to increase asset lifetime and reduce maintenance – ensuring that your steel stays stronger for longer.

How we support your sustainability ambitions

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Jotun Baltoflake is ideal for industrial and offshore structures, as it is engineered to offer exceptional lifetime with minimal maintenance - even in the most extreme environments.

Jotacote Universal S120

Jotacote Universal S120 is a high-build product with exceptionally high adhesion strength and flexibility – giving you unrivalled anti-corrosive properties.

Wind turbines at sea

Wind power

With decades of experience from the North Sea, we provide unrivalled and long-lasting corrosion protection. Our solutions enable the shift into renewable energy production.

Did you know?

More than 65 million square metres of power installations are protected with Jotun’s premium solutions across more than 2000 locations worldwide. From offshore wind installations, splash zones to corrosion protection of facilities in extreme conditions, our proved long-lasting technologies are designed to meet the highest of industry standards and regulations.

The impact of high performing coatings

Ensuring extreme corrosion protection

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Baltoflake – Master the forces of nature

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