Onshore gas refinery

Onshore oil, gas and petrochemicals

Expert coatings for corrosion and fire protection of onshore assets in extreme conditions

Fire protection and heat resistance

At Jotun we have extensive experience in protecting assets against fire and high temperatures, safeguarding your operations, efficiency and safety.

Chemical resistance

Jotun has a wide range of proven chemically-resistant tank linings with specific capabilities such as acid resistance, suitable for various temperature ranges.

Protection and durability

At Jotun we have close to 100 years’ experience in protecting all types of assets against corrosion, and our range includes anticorrosive coatings for all situations.

Mechanical resistance and tolerance

Jotun’s unrivalled onshore experience means we have specialty coatings for areas exposed to mechanical abrasion and damage, or areas with particular needs such as anti-skid or slip resistance.

Efficient application

Coatings with properties that can help make your production process more efficient will benefit many types of projects – and Jotun has a wide range of coatings suitable for different assets.

Compliance and certifications

At Jotun, we deliver pre-qualified NORSOK systems as well as coatings certified for water ballast tanks, potable water tanks as well as coatings compliant with international standards and regulations.

Our solutions

Steel structure with pipes – Jotun Thermosafe


Thermosafe products are proven to enhance overall operational efficiencies and on-site safety in the extreme environments of onshore oil and gas facilities.

Tubular view of pipe with evening sky


When your tanks are out of service, they are not making you any money. With TankFast, your tanks are ready to go back to service when you are.


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Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 1000

A heat-resistant coating for temperatures from -196 to 1000°C, where substrates allow.

  • Resistant to temperatures from -196°C to 1000°C
  • Optimized performance on carbon steel and ceramic substrates
  • Can be applied on hot substrates up to 250°C and accepts St2 surface preparation
Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 250

A heat-resistant glass flake reinforced epoxy composite coating for temperatures from -196 to 250°C.

  • Heat-resistant coating to temperatures between -196°C and 250°C
  • Highest temperature resistance in the market for this technology
  • Safety even during steam out above normal operating temperature
Jotun Jotamastic 90 Logo
Anticorrosive primers

Jotamastic 90

A tintable surface-tolerant abrasion resistant epoxy mastic primer for maintenance and repair, contributing to LEED and BREEAM credits.

  • Surface-tolerant
  • Tintable
  • Short overcoating intervals
Tank linings

Tankguard Plus

A tank lining with excellent chemical resistance that is cured for service in only five days.

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Sour crude oil resistant up to 160 °C
  • Cured for service in only 5 days

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