Minimise environmental impact

Preventing steel corrosion is crucial to a more sustainable future by reducing the need for more steel production and reducing pollution and waster related to maintenance with longer maintenance intervals.

Steel is, by volume, the most common engineering metal and is known to easily corrode in many environments. It is estimated that steel production is responsible for as much as 9% of global emissions, around 3.5 billion tonnes of CO₂ every year, according to a study by the World Steel Association. Moreover, a Nature article published in December 2022 indicates that the CO₂ emissions associated with the steelmaking required to replace corroded steel will be 4.1–9.1% of the total by 2030 considering the European Union and recent U.S. greenhouse gas reduction targets. So protecting steel from corrosion can largely reduce the carbon emissions related to replacement of corroded steel.

At Jotun, our high-performing anticorrosive coatings and solutions combined with decades of experience in the protection of assets will enable our customers to protect their assets against corrosion, contributing to lower emissions.

When maintenance is needed for the assets, the necessary processs like blasting for surface prepration, use of detergents and other chemicals can also result in more pollution and waste to the environment. Jotun's proven long lasting protection can significantly reduce the need for maintenance over the lifecycle of the asset.

Jotun's long-lasting coatings and solutions extend your maintenance intervals, ultimately contributing to minimized environmental impact and meeting sustainability ambitions of your industry.

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Our products

Fire protection


Explosions and hydrocarbon fire represent a serious hazard in oil and gas facilities. Jotachar uses leading technologies for easy application, while meeting international safety standards.

Unconditional steel protection


Since 1984 Jotamastic has delivered proven performance in unpredictable application conditions and challenging surface conditions.

Thermal control


Jotatemp products are designed to work with a variety of processing temperatures, keeping facilities safe and operational under extreme conditions.

Tank linings


Protecting tanks and the contents are vital to keep operations safe and profitable. Our Tankguard brand have been delivering protection for the most aggressive conditions since 1956. ​

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