Durability made easy

Durability made easy

Jotamastic 85 highlights

Proving surface tolerance

Delivering robustness

Jotamastic 85 has been tested on lower levels of preparation to assist you when real-life substrates can be challenging. It delivers excellent A/C properties – even when applied on medium flash rust.

Better adhesion

Jotamastic 85 ensures better adhesion on challenging substrates in tough environmental conditions. It adheres better to water jetted substrate (WJ-2) – a common practice, but hard on the steel, and also adheres better to flash rusted substrate. Jotamastic 85 shows more surface tolerant durable protection.

Easy and efficient to use

Exceptional simplicity

Jotamastic 85 is a multipurpose surface tolerant primer applicable to a wide range of structural steel, and can act as one primer from hulls to water ballast tanks. Jotamastic 85 can accommodate fluctuating temperatures, ensuring long-lasting steel protection in a wide range of temperatures during application from -5 to +40 degrees.

Ease of application

Jotamastic 85 can be applied with a wide range of application methods, such as airless spray, brush and roller.

Faster back to service

When time is of essence, it’s vital that your primer has short overcoating intervals and drying times, creating a high demand for fast-curing primer. Jotamastic 85 provides efficiency through drying time of only 4 hours and short overcoating intervals.

Increased durability

Rigorously tested

Jotamastic  85 has gone through accelerated tests, including neutral salt spray exposure (ISO 9227), hot seawater immersion (ISO 2812-2) and ASTM G8 cathodic disbondment. Jotamastic 85 has achieved the PSPC-WBT certificate, documented by a third-party vendor. Abrasion resistance and impact resistance test prove Jotamastic 85’s robustness and ability to withstand wear and tear.

Documented and certified

Jotamastic 85 provides a range of documentation and certifications needed for your projects, such as technical datasheets, ISO 12944 up to C5-H, ASTM G8 – CD, IMO PSPC-WBT, Grain certificate, etc.

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