Black paint pot with steel structure
Black paint pot with steel structure

The importance of Environmental Product Declarations in Green Building Solutions

Jotun’s Green Building Solutions (GBS) represent a smart and efficient way to green building rating points. The hand-picked products in this solution contribute to the earning of LEED points in a streamlined, easy and effective way.

In order to achieve this, Jotun has more than 300 Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). A key element for accumulation of points and LEED certification is having Product-specific Type III EPDs, ensuring the transparency of the environmental impacts of selected products.

Independently verified and transparent

The reason why LEED certification gives a full point to Product-specific Type III EPDs is due to the fact that they are independently verified and details the life-cycle environmental impact of the specific products used. It is non-biased and allows the ability to be objective regarding environmental impacts.

With this in mind however, having an EPD for a product does not mean that it is more environmentally friendly, but it does show good faith with the manufacturer/consumer for being transparent with the impact of the product over time.

A point-based rating system

The points system regarding EPDs is broken down into three different types:

  • The product-specific declaration
  • The industry-wide (generic) EPDs
  • The Product-specific Type III EPDs that give the maximum contribution to LEED points.

Through its transparency and vast manufacturers worldwide, Jotun can provide the most efficient type of EPDs for customers: The third party verified Product-specific Type III EPDs.

A point-based rating system is in place in order to gauge how efficient EPDs are for earning the appropriate LEED points.

  • For obtaining one point under LEED v4 with the Product-specific declaration, you need 60 declarations.
  • For the industry-wide (generic) EPDs you need 40 EPDs, due to the third party verification of the generic EPD.
  • Lastly, with the Product-specific Type III EPDs – which Jotun can provide - only 20 EPDs are needed due to the third party verification and the detailed nature of the specification.

This means that by choosing Jotun, you are not only saving time and money, but also hassle in procuring three-times the number of EPDs.

A single-source solution

Another stipulation of earning LEED points and obtaining EPDs is that at least five different manufacturers need to be used in the procurement of products. Jotun has 67 companies and is represented in over 100 countries with 39 production facilities on all continents. This means that all five manufacturers can be provided through Jotun’s wide scope, as long as the site and product is appropriate.

Ultimately, as Jotun can provide a third party verification of the EPDs for so many of its products, with worldwide manufacturing sites contributing, this means that it is a near one-stop-shop for earning one LEED point through EPDs and its Green Building Solutions.

Jotun has one of the paints and coatings market’s most extensive product lists with EPDs - and has one of the world’s most extensive range of protective coatings with EPDs.

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