Paint roller in black
Paint roller in black

Paints and coatings can help you achieve green building certification

Climate and environmental changes require a new generation of green building products for the construction and maintenance of buildings. In this environment, products that meet green standards while having proven performance without compromising on design can deliver important benefits.

One product area that can offer the easiest way to obtain green building ratings is through paints and coatings. These typically represent a fraction of a building’s costs but can significantly boost rating points.

Green building is the practice of creating structures using processes that are responsible and resource-efficient throughout the building’s lifecycle. The market for green building is doubling every three years and currently represents more than 30% of total building projects across India, China, Saudi Arabia and Singapore in 2018.

Global rating systems

A building’s green credentials are governed by various standards around the world. The leading green building rating systems include LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

LEED has four points-based levels of certification. A building must achieve at least 40 points to be certified.

Low VOC products for greener buildings

Jotun has developed ‘Green Building Solutions’, incorporating its impressive set of hand-picked low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)/green building products for architectural powder coatings, anti-carbonation coatings for concrete, decorative paints, floor coatings, intumescent coatings for cellulosic fire protection and protective coatings focused on LEED.

And, because Jotun’s products comply with demands in LEED credits, they can help achieve up to 17% of the required LEED points needed for a building to be certified.

When you consider the typical cost budget for paint in a project is from 0.5% to 2% - the benefits are clear. Paints and coatings have a substantial impact on green building rating points despite their relatively low share of a building’s budget.

One source of information

Finding the right products, and understanding how paints and coatings can contribute to green building points can be a challenge. So, Jotun has provided all the information you’ll need on paints and coatings in one easily accessible place.

Green Building Solutions is the paint and coating market’s easiest way to design, specify, beautify and protect buildings. Jotun will help you get closer to realising your green building certification.

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Three easy ways to increase your LEED points

Here are three simple tips for increasing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.

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Did you know 2% of building cost could contribute up to 17% of its LEED certification points?

Paints and coatings are one of the most inexpensive building costs on a construction or refurbishment project. In fact, on average only 2% of the costs associated are attributed to these products.

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The importance of Environmental Product Declarations in Green Building Solutions

Jotun’s Green Building Solutions (GBS) represent a smart and efficient way to green building rating points. The hand-picked products in this solution contribute to the earning of LEED points in a streamlined, easy and effective way.