Toyota dealership

Abu Dhabi, 2016

As one of the most preferred polyurethane topcoats in the market, Hardtop AX was chosen for Toyota’s dealership in Abu Dhabi.

The applicator placed emphasis on the hassle-free application and robust, perfect finish compared to other polyurethane topcoats. Jotamastic 80 anticorrosive coating and SteelMaster 1200WF cellulosic fire protection were also used in this project.

  • Owner: Toyota UAE
  • Subcontractor (Applicator): Intherpro LLC
  • Object type: Buildings – Commercial projects
  • Dimensions: 12,600 sqm
  • Coatings: Hardtop AX, Jotamastic 80, SteelMaster 1200WF

My honest opinion about Hardtop AX compared to other polyurethane topcoats is that the product’s true advantage lies in the application properties: - Easy to get a good finish and a consistent gloss - Minimal odour and low level of spray dust

Pramod, Project Manager, Intherpro LLC
Toyota dealership in Abu Dhabi – Jotun reference
Toyota dealership in Abu Dhabi


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