Småpudden bridge

Norway, 2016

The customer chose the premium coating system with Hardtop AX and Jotamastic 90 for long-term protection and beautification of their new iconic bridge.

  • Location: Norway, 2016
  • Owner: Bergen Kommune
  • Contractor: Vistal Gdynia S.A., Poland
  • Sub contractor: FAST SA, Poland
  • Object type: Bridge, steel
  • Dimensions: Length 154 m, Width 6.4-8.8 m
  • Coatings: Jotamastic 90, Hardtop AX

In my opinion Hardtop AX is one of the best polyurethane topcoats on market. We had the opportunity to use this product on several constructions with very good effect. In comparison to the other similar products, Hardtop AX is characterised by minimum dry spray when applied and very good sag resistance, which reduce application time. Typical for this topcoat is high gloss level and long-lasting durability. To prove my point - this product is also used on the high quality X-BOW® vessels.

Artur Wojtaszek, Branch Director, FAST SA


Jotun's Jotamastic 90 and Hardtop AX were used on the Småpudden bridge in Norway
Småpudden bridge


The bridge is an iconic landmark in our city, and we hope the premium system of Jotamstic 90 and Hardtop AX will ensure the bridge character for years to come. In combination with the effect lighting it will be one of the city’s new jewels.

Gry B. Stenersen, Project Leader - Department of construction, Bergen City


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