A woman taking notes and a man sitting on a couch
A woman taking notes and a man sitting on a couch

Extra care in difficult times

During the pandemic, our mental health has been heavily challenged. In Jotun Turkey, a company paid well-being program has given more than 1 000 employees valuable help.

Even though physical health is given much more attention, support and recognition, mental health is equally important to our wellbeing. This has become more evident than ever during the pandemic.

Months and years with Covid-19 have had negative psychological consequences for human beings throughout the world. Many have felt stress, insecurity and fear. Isolation, money management and relationship issues have been the case for others.

Several Jotun companies throughout the world have launched initiatives to aid our employees in challenging situations. One of them is Jotun Turkey.

“We believe that the way to create a peaceful, efficient and productive working environment is through happy, healthy and well-performing employees. To support our employees in the face of the negative conditions created by the pandemic, we started a corporate well-being program”, says Şükran Aytun, Regional Human Resources Director, Jotun East Europe & Central Asia.

In April 2020, Jotun Turkey teamed up with an external provider of health and support services. Expert advice within psychological, medical, financial and legal matters was made available by phone or text for the employees, at the company’s expense.

“In this way, we aim to support the psychology of the employees, their stress management and enable them to improve themselves”, Aytun says.

The key is to help the employees establish a healthy balance between work and private life.

“When the personal problems that occupy the mind of the employee are resolved, better concentration is provided and performance increases”, Aytun explains.

The service is not only available for Jotun employees. Their family members may use the service as well, and both groups have welcomed the counselling service. So far, more than 1 000 employees and nearly 200 family members have used the free support hotline.

“In Jotun, we take care of each other. By implementing this, we wanted to show our employees that we take care of their loved ones as well”, the HR Director concludes.

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