The penguin is one of the toughest creatures in the world and is a sociable bird. It is associated with Jotun in what we call “The penguin spirit”.

Our values

Jotun’s company values – loyalty, care, respect and boldness – are the building blocks of our company culture, called "the Penguin Spirit". Read more about each value below and see how they describe the basics of everything we do.

Loyalty – Penguins standing together.


Salesmen visiting a very loyal paint dealer i Bahrain

Helping each other grow

Care - Penguin parents looking over their child.


Factory workers staying 24/7 in our Vietnamese factory during pandemic lockdown.

Support for factory workers during the pandemic

Respect - Two penguins reaching out wings to each other


Coworkers helping each other.

Cultural exchange to cultivate understanding

Boldness – A penguin standing in front of a group of large seals


Jotun Hull Skater

A solution to the problem of biofouling

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