Stein Kjolberg at the golf course
Stein Kjolberg at the golf course

Hit the American dream

Stein Kjølberg is one of many Jotun employees with various positions and countries under the belt. Now the Norwegian is packing his golf clubs and moving to the US.

As a global corporation with activity on all continents, Jotun is the very definition of diversity. Our 10,200 employees represent 90 nationalities, all ages, professions, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures.

In addition, the employees are encouraged to take on assignments abroad. We want our people to broaden their horizon, and Stein Kjølberg is one of many who has signed up for the challenge.

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After postings in Dubai and Singapore, as well as more than a decade back home in Jotun Norway, Stein recently took up the position as Regional Vice President, Jotun Americas. From his office in Houston, Texas, he will oversee Jotun’s operations in Brazil and Mexico in addition to the US.

“I’ve been to Brazil only once, but I’ve visited the US many times. For me, living and working in the US is a dream come true, and I look forward to building relationships with my new colleagues”, he says.

Stein’s 33-year career with Jotun started in 1989 when he was hired as a Sales Engineer, working out of Jotun’s office in Oslo. Fresh out of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, he quickly found a home in the paint and coatings company.

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Four years later, Stein was reassigned to Singapore as Department Manager for the Marine Operations. He returned to Norway in 1997, where he broadened his skills by working as a Market Support Manager in Marine Coatings. Then yet another Singapore posting came along, this time as Managing Director.

“My experience overseas provided me with some valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities the shipping industry faces. However, the big lesson I learned was the value of building relationships, both with colleagues and external stakeholders”, he says.

Stein went on to serve as Marketing Director for Jotun Coatings in Norway. Then he spent three years in Dubai, as Regional Marine Director for Jotun’s operations in the Middle East. The past decade he has been heading the launch and marketing of Hull Performance Solutions and Hull Skating Solutions.

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Now taking over as Regional Vice President for the Jotun Americas region, Stein is looking forward to bringing his leadership experience and team-focused approach into his new role.

“Jotun’s operations in the Americas have always fascinated me. There are vast opportunities in this region, but Jotun has not really been able to establish a proper footprint there yet. We have a strong position in the ocean-going shipping market, but we are up against some of the largest paint companies in the world on their home turf in other segments. Jotun is a well-reputed brand most places in the world, and I am certain that Jotun – with our high-quality products, skilled employees and strong corporate culture – will ensure that we have success in this market as well,” Stein says, and continues:

“The one thing that gets me up in the morning, is the people. In my experience, when you combine a strong team with premium solutions and a growth-driven mindset, you get great results!”

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