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Growing demands and regulations to decarbonise have led industry players to focus on hull performance as a way of improving environmental impact, lowering fuel costs and cutting emissions. Discover the most suitable hull coatings for your needs, and systems that utilise cutting-edge robotics to attain proactive hull cleaning.

Enabling the future of energy

Jotun’s range of long-lasting steel protection is specifically engineered to withstand the harsh and challenging weather conditions offshore. Our products offer superior corrosion protection, even in exposed areas such as splash zones and for submerged structures, thereby prolonging the life of the asset and minimising maintenance costs.

Solutions for green buildings

Our commitment to delivering high-quality products, supporting our customers in complying with international green building specification standards, and providing exceptional technical assistance, have led us to become the preferred partner for complex, large-scale iconic buildings, and infrastructure projects worldwide.

Did you know?

By utilising available data, we calculate potential avoided emissions for our customers. For example, we measure how our advanced hull performance solutions reduce fuels consumption and the corresponding emissions. Likewise, our long-lasting steel protection prolong the lifetime of assets, thus avoiding emissions related to maintenance or the replacement of the steel. By gathering, analysing, and sharing data, we can support you in turning sustainability ambitions into action.

Reduce carbon emissions

A recent Jotun study, based on EU MRV data, indicated that vessels using Jotun HPS reported a 20% lower carbon intensity in operations compared to competing systems.

Enabling the future of energy

Jotun’s Baltoflake coating can provide maintenance-free protection at the splash zone beyond 30 years. This reduces lifecycle costs by up to 50%.

High-performing corrosion protection

As much as 15-35% of the steel used in building projects can be saved by utilising correct and long-lasting corrosion control from Jotun.

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