A desk covered with Jotun colour samples
A desk covered with Jotun colour samples

Jotun colours

Our colourful world

pearl beige metallic

Hardtop Design Metallics

Make it easier to transform steel into a striking design. The finishes have superior durability that will not only withstand direct sunlight – it will gleam in it for years to come.

Building coated with high-shine metallic powder

Lifeshine collection

High-shine metallic effect powder coatings inspired by the richness of life and the moments that catch your eye.

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Jotun's unique tinting software, Jotun Colour Manager, located in Sandefjord

The Jotun Multicolor concept

Learn about the innovation that enables Jotun to deliver the exact colour for customers quickly and easily: the automatic colour tinting machines. What is the history behind Multicolor, and how did it become a worldwide industry leader?

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Two hands holding up colour samples towards a white wall, comparing the colours.

The art of making colour

Creating a colour requires knowledge of trends, dreams and values that affect us. That is why we collect inspiration from everything around us, from customer tendencies to colourful casts and nature.

Colour assurance

Colour assurance

All our colours are developed with unique recipes specifically designed for Jotun products. Jotun guarantees correct colour rendering only with the use of Jotun's products and pigments. Please note that substrate, gloss, lighting conditions and other product finishes might influence the appearance of the colours. Due to variations in screen settings and operating systems, the colour that appears on your screen may not be the exact result of what you achieve. Digital colours are provided as a guide only.

The latest news from Jotun

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Major expansion of Jotun’s Fire Protection Coating R&D facilities

Majority of global maritime industry underestimates the negative impact of biofouling despite latest advice from IMO

Svalbard test station

Proven all-climate intumescent hydrocarbon fire protection

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