Engineered thermal performance

Solving critical thermal challenges

Heat resistance

In order to ensure the highest level of productivity and yield, refineries and chemical plants operate over a wide temperature range, from -196 °C cryogenic to high temperatures up to 1000 ºC. Our Jotatemp range covers all your temperature needs.

Corrosion protection

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a threat to safety and operations on oil and gas facilities. In the worst case, hidden corrosion under insulation can lead to explosions and loss of lives. Our Jotatemp range can maintain your corrosion protection and prevent leaks and accidents by protecting steel from CUI.

Reduced downtime

The Jotatemp range allows power tooled surface preparation and application on live lines, and most products accept hot application. It keeps operations running safely without interruptions, minimising the need for costly shutdowns and is suitable for maintenance.

The Jotatemp range

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How to select the right Jotatemp product

The Jotatemp products enhance the on-site safety and operational efficiency by less down time and a proven long term corrosion protection. With selected products to fit your specific requirements, the Jotatemp range is here to support you.

Heat resistant coatings

Epoxy HR

A heat-resistant phonolic/novolac epoxy coating for temperatures from -196 to 205 °C.

  • Heat-resistant up to 205 °C continuous
  • Suitable for maintenance
  • Can be applied on hot substrates up to 150 °C
Jotatemp 210
Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 210

A heat-resistant phenolic/novolac epoxy coating for temperatures from -196 to 210 °C.

  • Short overcoating intervals
  • Sub-zero application
  • Good adhesion to power tooled substrates
Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 250

A heat-resistant glass flake reinforced epoxy composite coating for temperatures from -196 to 250 °C.

  • Heat-resistant coating to temperatures between -196 °C and 250 °C
  • Highest temperature resistance in the market for this technology
  • Safety even during steam out above normal operating temperature
Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 1000

A heat-resistant coating for temperatures from -196 to 1000 °C, where substrates allow.

  • Resistant to temperatures from -196 °C to 1000 °C
  • Optimized performance on carbon steel and ceramic substrates
  • Can be applied on hot substrates up to 250 °C and accepts St2 surface preparation

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