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Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun at Nor-Shipping 2022

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Interview with Morten Fon at Nor-Shipping 2022

Back to basics

There’s a lot of buzz about future fuels but, whether it's hydrogen or ammonia, hull performance- and the hardware that keeps them clean- will continue to serve as a critical driver of efficiency gains for ships. Watch the interview with Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun talking about hull performance at Nor-Shipping 2022. (Video credit: Nor-Shipping and TradeWinds)

Morten Fon, CEO of Jotun at Nor-Shipping 2022

Leaders beat the collaborate for action drum

Ocean leaders once again call for collaboration and trust along with action as shipping begins a return to something resembling normality.

Jotun at Nor-Shipping 2022

How can we address the global problem of biofouling? Operating responsibly is a business imperative for many owners and operators. However, the marine business environment is increasingly complex and challenging. This requires new, innovative solutions created through partnerships. Visit us at Nor-shipping 2022 to learn more about our Hull Skating Solutions and HullKeeper.