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Libyan Red Crescent volunteers provide emergency aid after Storm Daniel’s destructions. Photo: IFRC

Jotun supports aid in Libya

Libya suffers from devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 1 mill to support Red Cross/Red Crescent in the area.

Moroccan Red Crescent teams were the first on the ground to provide urgent assistance to those affected by the September 8 earthquake. Photo IFRC

Jotun donation to emergency aid in Morocco

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco September 8th, causing widespread devastation. Jotun has donated NOK 1 million to Red Cross/Red Crescent to emergency aid in the area.

Nova Kakhovka dam: Floods affect tens of thousands of people (photo Ukraine Red Cross)

Jotun donates emergency aid to Ukraine

The collapse of the Nova Kakhovka dam in Ukraine is among the largest destructions of civil infrastructure since February 2022 and has major humanitarian consequences. Jotun has decided to donate NOK 2 mill to The Red Cross/Red Crescent and their emergency aid in the area.