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How changing markets affect your chemical processing facility business

Market conditions are continually changing in the chemical processing industry: you stay alive by keeping ahead of the latest trends and adapting your business to suit them.

Top 6 things to consider when choosing tank linings

Choosing the right lining for your tank so it remains in peak condition for as long as possible can be a complex matter. These are the most important things to consider.

4 things to consider when constructing new tanks

New tank construction presents many challenges, but a lot of these challenges can be overcome early in the process – thus saving time and money once the tank is operational.

Tank maintenance: ensuring proper tank protection

With the many demands of running a facility, taking time to consider the most effective ways to protect and maintain the inside of your tanks may not be regarded as the highest priority. But it should be – and this is why.

How urea-resistant tank coatings can improve fertiliser production

Urea represents the most popular source of nitrogen fertiliser globally. Not only are urea-based fertilisers cost-effective in the quantity of nitrogen produced per gram of fertiliser, but they also carry less safety risk than ammonium nitrate.

New TankFast solution transforms turnaround times for storage tanks

Press release: Sandefjord, Norway – Jotun, one of the global leaders in paints and coatings, is launching TankFast, a range of tank linings formulated to allow tanks to return back to service quicker than ever before, with excellent chemical resistance capabilities in the refinery, petrochemical and chemical industry.

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How do you paint the internals of tanks

Faster back to service

Testing tank lining

Every minute counts

Wet on wet application

The industry just got quicker

How tank linings work

Why paint the internal of a tank

Different types of epoxy resins in tank coatings

Alternatives to painting tanks

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Image showing title of Jotun's article called 6 things you should consider to ensure smooth operations

6 things you should consider when lining your tank to ensure smooth operations

Image showing title of Jotun's article called Proper tank protection is an important part of your maintenance plan

Ensuring proper tank protection is an important part of your maintenance plan

Image showing title of Jotun's white paper called Using dynamic mechanical analysis to optimise curing conditions

Optimization of curing conditions for a chemical resistant tank coating with the help of dynamic mechanical analysis

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