SteelMaster: The go-to solution for RC Fire Protection

Graham Robinson, managing director at RC Fire Protection has worked in industrial paints for 25 years – primarily working in the area of fire protection.

“We have worked with Jotun since RC Fire Protection’s inception, and used SteelMaster since its initial introduction, applying it to a whole host of structural steelwork including office buildings, industrial sheds, schools and hospitals.”

“Jotun and SteelMaster are our go-to resource for fire protective paints – our default setting.”

“Jotun has been producing its range of protective coatings for over 20 years – developing the product and evolving it alongside the needs of the industry and customers, like ourselves. For RC Fire Protection, SteelMaster is the superior choice for a fire protection that delivers the highest quality safety as well as allowing the architecture and aesthetics of buildings to still be admired.”

The support we need

“Having always used the product, we have been consistently pleased with the competitive and cost efficient price offered, as well as the excellent customer service that Jotun offers. No request, task or enquiry is ever too large or too small for the team at Jotun. Their technical expertise and knowledge makes us feel in very safe hands.”

“The specialist knowledge of the product has been passed on to us across the years and now we know the product just as well. We can look at a job specification and conditions of a project and know exactly what coating is required and how it will perform over time.”

Coatings for all weather conditions

“As we mainly work in Scotland, coatings and paints must be weather resistant – for all weather conditions, come rain or shine! If you can’t use Jotun’s products in this weather – you can’t use any type of protective coatings or paint!”

The obvious choice

“Jotun’s international presence and well-respected reputation definitely adds to their weighting as our number one choice. People expect you to use Jotun. If you turn up to a job and say ‘I'm going to use Jotun’ - people know Jotun. Their reputation helps. It’s been used a long time now. People know it. You don't have to give the background.”

“If we turned up using someone else’s, we'd be asked, ‘Why are using somebody else’s?’ If that’s not a good enough testament, then I don’t know what is?”

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