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Green specifications made easy

Step 1

Map out your building requirements and identify the necessary certifications.

Step 2

Select your supplier and evaluate products with the help of our downloadable specifications guide.

Step 3

Identify the documentation you need, such as Environmental Product Declarations.

Jotun's Green Building Solutions is the easiest way to design, specify, protect and beautify green buildings

About Green Building Solutions

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Single source solutions

With representation in over 100 countries, you can get all the paints and coatings needed for your project from Jotun.

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Low VOC solutions

Paints and coatings with low emissions from Volatile Organic Compounds can help contribute to your green building goals.

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Environmental product declaration

EPDs provide verification of a product's environmental impact throughout a building's lifecycle.

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Fire protection that contributes to green building standards while maintaining architectural beauty.

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Examining the importance of EPDs

Sustainable or sustainability are perhaps two of the most overworked words encountered in business today. The good intention behind them is clear, but often defining what is and what is not sustainable is very difficult to pin down.

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The importance of Environmental Product Declarations in Green Building Solutions

Jotun’s Green Building Solutions (GBS) represent a smart and efficient way to green building rating points. The hand-picked products in this solution contribute to the earning of LEED points in a streamlined, easy and effective way.

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Paints and coatings can help you achieve green building certification

Climate and environmental changes require a new generation of green building products for the construction and maintenance of buildings. In this environment, products that meet green standards while having proven performance without compromising on design can deliver important benefits.

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Three easy ways to increase your LEED points

Here are three simple tips for increasing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points.