Protect biodiversity

Preventing biofouling is not only improving fuel efficiency, but also reducing the risk of spreading invasive species to protect life below water.

The spread of invasive aquatic species to new environments by ships has been recognised as a major threat to the planet’s freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems.

Today, a documented clean hull is a ticket to port in some areas. The IMO has published Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimise the transfer of invasive aquatic species.

While there is no single industry standard addressing this at present, NGO Bellona Foundation and Jotun are leading the Clean Hull Initiative (CHI) – an industry consortium whose aim is to develop standardized ways for proactive hull cleaning to tackle biofouling.

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Committed to protecting biodiversity

Avoiding the transfer of invasive aquatic species is made possible by maintaining an clean hull. The timely removal of biofouling at its geographical origin reduces the risk of spreading invasive species in the new waters. Proactive biofouling management is a solution to protect biodiversity.

Jotun Solutions

In Jotun, we design high performing antifouling solutions to helping to protect our oceans and water courses in a diverse range of aquatic environments across global shipping routes. Jotun Hull Skating Solutions (HSS) removes fouling at a microfouling stage before it becomes a biosecurity risk.

Jotun HullKeeper’s monitoring and prediction service identifies hull fouling at the earliest possible stage. If confirmed by the subsequent inspections, then cleaning the hull as soon as convenient will ultimately contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

A clean hull ensures clean operations. Clean operations protect biodiversity. At Jotun, we believe our products and services play an important role in maintaining a clean hull and protecting biodiversity.


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Our products and solutions

Antifouling products

For close to 100 years, Jotun has provided products to keep ship hulls clean from biofouling. Our ambition is to provide our customers with the best possible products to assure efficient and reliable operations.

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Hull Performance Solutions

HPS make it easy for operators to maximise hull performance and thereby reduce both fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Hull Skating Solutions

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions utilizes proactive cleaning to maintain an always clean hull, even in the most challenging operations.

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HullKeeper provides a range of services for optimised hull performance, allowing you to make better decisions, faster.