Solvalitt 600

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Technical details

  • Product Categories
    Heat resistant coatings Topcoats Industrial topcoats
  • Technology
    Silicone acrylic
  • Substrate
    Aluminium Carbon steel Coated surfaces Galvanized steel Stainless steel
  • MCI Tintable Yes


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Solvalitt 600, English

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Solvalitt 600, English

Related Products

Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 250

A heat-resistant glass flake reinforced epoxy composite coating for temperatures from -196 to 250 °C.

  • Heat-resistant coating to temperatures between -196 °C and 250 °C
  • Highest temperature resistance in the market for this technology
  • Safety even during steam out above normal operating temperature
Heat resistant coatings

Solvalitt Midtherm

A heat-resistant coating that provides a durable aesthetic finish up to 260 °C.

  • Durable finish for high-temperature areas
  • Heat resistant up to 260 °C
  • Available in 15 high-temperature stable colours
Jotatemp 1000 HT logo
Heat resistant coatings

Jotatemp 1000 HT

A heat-resistant coating for temperatures from -196 to 1000 °C, where substrates allow.

  • Resistant to temperatures from -196 °C to 1000 °C
  • Optimized performance on stainless steel, alloyed steel (P91) and ceramic substrates
  • Can be applied on hot substrates up to 250 °C
Heat resistant coatings

Epoxy HR

A heat-resistant phonolic/novolac epoxy coating for temperatures from -196 to 205 °C.

  • Heat-resistant up to 205 °C continuous
  • Suitable for maintenance
  • Can be applied on hot substrates up to 150 °C

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