Jotachar JF750 XT

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Technical details

  • Product Categories
    Fire protection coatings Intumescent coatings - hydrocarbon fire
  • Technology
  • Substrate
    Aluminium Carbon steel Galvanized steel Metal deck Shop primed steel Stainless steel Steel Thermally sprayed zinc


Related Products

Insulating coatings

Jotatherm TB550

A solvent-free syntactic epoxy thermal barrier, providing heat reduction or cryogenic spill protection.

  • Duplex system options with Jotachar Hydrocarbon Epoxy Intumescent Coatings
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Long-term durability
Fire protection coatings

Jotachar JF750

The industry's first mesh-free application solution for all hydrocarbon pool & jet fire scenarios.

  • Saves up to 50% in time and costs
  • Faster project completion – no mesh installation
  • Certified to all industry standards
Fire protection coatings

Jotachar 1709

A mesh-free application, passive fire protection material for hydrocarbon pool & jet fires in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

  • Up to 50% increase in installation efficiency
  • Certified to global offshore and onshore industry standards
  • Faster project completion with mesh-free installation

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