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    Anticorrosive primers Building - interior Maintenance primers Interior steel protection coatings - buildings
  • Technology
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    Carbon steel Concrete


Technical Data Sheets

Jotacote UHB, English

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Jotacote UHB, English

Technical Data Sheets

Jotacote UHB, English

Safety Data Sheets

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Application guides

Jotacote UHB, English

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Powder coatings

Reveal Shield

Powder coatings that combine good appearance with excellent performance in aggressive environments and UV resistance.

  • Superior mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Very good weather and UV resistance
  • Protection against aggressive environments
Baltoflake S2000 logo
Anticorrosive primers

Baltoflake S2000

A fast-curing, abrasion-resistant barrier coating that provides superior corrosion protection.

  • Fast-curing barrier coating with strong abrasion resistance
  • High build
Jotun Barrier Smart Pack Logo
Anticorrosive primers

Barrier Smart Pack

Barrier Smart Pack is a surface-tolerant, zinc-rich coating made for brush and roller.

  • Ceramically reinforced
  • Easy 1:1 mixing
  • Surface-tolerant
Jotun Futura Classic Logo

Futura Classic

A cost-effective polyurethane topcoat for industrial use with an attractive appearance.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Good application properties
  • Cost effective

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