Jotun returns to ONS

After a successful participation in 2022 Jotun returns to ONS 2024, focusing on how the energy industry can Maintain steel integrity®. Visit Jotun at Booth 7540 in Stavanger, between 26th-29th of August.

With its combination of nearly a century of innovations and in-depth experience, Jotun is one of the industry leaders within steel protection. Protecting assets within the energy sector limits downtime and supports efficient operations, reduces hazards and risks as well as minimise the environmental impact.

During ONS, Jotun’s team of experts will showcase their latest innovations, as well as present new industry insight.

“The industry sector is rapidly changing, but the need for long lasting steel protection to deliver efficiency, less maintenance and safe operations is more important than ever. To be back at ONS, where the whole industry gets together, is important for Jotun. We are looking forward to showcasing our expertise and our mission to help the industry to Maintain steel integrity,” says Cecilie Skeie Melberg, Global Communications Manager, Jotun Performance Coatings.    

“Investing in maintenance is an investment in property and people.”

Visit Jotun at Booth 7540 during ONS.

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Maintenance in energy

Motivated by the toughest of conditions, we constantly seek to innovate and solve the problems that lie ahead. In close collaboration with our customers, this commitment has brought to life a unique range of expert coatings and solutions, tailored to protect onshore assets and ensure well-informed maintenance decisions.

AssetKeeper - Expert coating advice

Jotun's AssetKeeper makes leading expertise in coating performance and corrosion mitigation available to our customers, enabling well-informed, prioritised and robust maintenance decisions. This ensures that you will always be on top of your maintenance operations and, more importantly, a step ahead of corrosion.

The industry coming together: combatting the hidden CUI threat in the energy sector

The fight against corrosion, particularly corrosion under insulation (CUI), is increasingly becoming a main focus for the energy sector. How is the industry addressing this issue and how can risk be reduced? A new standard test procedure that addresses this critical industry challenge might pave the way, so that the energy sector better can maintain steel integrity.