Prequalified to NORSOK & ISO standards
Prequalified to NORSOK & ISO standards

How to select the right system

Jotun’s core expertise and strengths

Leading technologies

Coatings prolong asset lifetime and prevent downtime. Jotun has been providing high quality coating systems for almost a century. We work closely with the industry to provide reliable solutions and in our continuous efforts to further meet the challenges in protecting.

Standards compliance

NORSOK and ISO 12944 are the trustworthy international standards to ensure the coatings performance together with life time estimation. We have been providing high quality coating systems for almost a century with references across industries around world.

Green documentation

In line with Jotun GreenSteps, we are documenting and reporting the transparent environmental impact in product specific type III EPD. We have the most comprehensive EPDs across our entire product categories.

3 steps to select the system

ISO 12944 - the universally accepted standard for corrosion protection

1: Select​ the corrosive environment – corrosion category ​most suited to your project

2: Select​ the required lifetime of the coating system​

3: Select​ your coating system

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