Solar panels on the roof top of Jotun's factory in Oman
Solar panels on the roof top of Jotun's factory in Oman

Running on sunshine

Jotun is stepping up the game on renewable energy. In Oman, the sun now provides the paints manufacturer with half of its energy needs.

The Arabic sultanate, blessed with sunshine all year round, is an ideal location for running on solar energy. Jotun Oman recently became one of the global paint company’s first manufacturing sites – as well as one of the first companies in the country – to install solar panels on the roof. 

  • 1 920 solar panels have been installed on the site
  • Total generation of 1 632 MWh of solar energy
  • Reduced carbon footprint of 656 MT CO2 per year
  • Expected return on investment is 5,5 years

– In line with our sustainability targets, we decided to go for a solar power system. With a total consumption of about 3 300 MWh per year, we are going to generate about 50% with our newly installed solar power system, says Operations manager Markus Wahl in Jotun Oman.

Drone photo of the solar panels on Jotun's factory in Oman

On top of the significant change in Jotun Oman’s energy mix, comes a flexibility to increase the capacity at a future time, if desired.

– We do see that more and more customers and other local companies are interested in more environmentally friendly solutions. For that reason, we get several requests to share the experiences we have had with our system, explains Wahl. 

The solar energy project in Oman fits in perfectly with the paints and coatings manufacturer’s overall sustainability goals, which were launched one year ago. By 2030, the Jotun Group is targeting to: 

  • Rely 70% on renewable electricity sources, and
  • Reduce carbon footprint in own operations by 50%.

Jotun is ready to launch several renewable energy projects around the world.

Green step in Vietnam

Utilizing clean energy is a key initiative throughout Jotun. In Vietnam, we now run 36% on solar power and the rest is secured from certified renewable energy sources.

Airplane on ice in Antarctica

Extreme conditions call for extreme testing

Not that there is too much building activity going on at the South Pole. But if our coatings can get the job done there, they can do it anywhere.

Wind farm at sea

Telenor + Jotun = smarter paint

Why is advanced communication technology from Telenor relevant for Jotun’s premium protective coatings? The answer is proven performance.