Green step in Vietnam

Utilizing clean energy is a key initiative throughout Jotun. In Vietnam, we now run 36% on solar power and the rest is secured from certified renewable energy sources.

With 40 production facilities globally, rethinking energy consumption is key in Jotun. By 2030, our goal is to rely 70% on renewable energy sources, and new systems set up on Jotun sites around the world keep pushing us closer.

The latest upgrade has been made in Vietnam. With 3,540 solar panels and a capacity of 2,400 MWh per year, it is the biggest solar installation in Jotun so far. The system is generating approximately 36% of the local company's total electricity needs.

In addition, Jotun Vietnam is in the process of securing renewable energy sources for the remainder of its energy needs. This will be done by purchasing electricity from a certified renewable energy trading company, making sure the company achieves 100% renewable energy.

Over the past years, we have installed solar panels systems in countries such as Thailand, Oman, Indonesia, UAE, UK and Malaysia. Going forward, new installations will pop up on Jotun sites around the world.

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