Joyful employees at Jotun Philippines encouraged to bring their true self to work every day

Proud diversity celebration in the Philippines

During their very own diversity campaign this month, the employees at Jotun Philippines are encouraged to bring their true self to work every day. “The differences our employees bring in, are respected and appreciated”, says General manager Rohan Shetty.

“So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices”

The song “Kaleidoscope World” plays a central role in Jotun Philippines’ diversity campaign this June. The first two lines of the song say it well. Just like a kaleidoscope, an organization such as Jotun contains many variations of light, colours, shapes, and patterns. Within it you can find beauty in various forms. Through the lenses, even the most ordinary individuals become spectacular.

“We at Jotun Philippines not just take pride in the fact that our employees are diverse in terms of gender, age, profession, nationality and other aspects, but also bring forth our company values of Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness. This way, we make sure that each of our employees feel that the differences they bring in are respected and appreciated”, says General manager Rohan Shetty.

General manager Rohan Shetty, Jotun Philippines
General manager Rohan Shetty, Jotun Philippines.

Highlighting the importance of a diversified and inclusive environment, where the employees can bring their true self to work and take pride in who they are, is the main objective of the campaign.

“Diversity and inclusion will remain a core focus in our day-to-day job, because we see the benefits that this can bring to the workplace”, says Shetty.

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