Two men inspecting the solar panels on the roof Jotun's factory i Nilai, Malaysia
Two men inspecting the solar panels on the roof Jotun's factory i Nilai, Malaysia

2236 green steps in Malaysia

The solar panels at one of Jotun’s largest factories in Asia push the global paint company closer to its ambitious energy saving goals.

Jotun is involved in climate initiatives in many parts of the world, but this autumn the paint company’s ‘green eyes’ have been fixed on Malaysia.

The installation of 2236 solar panels on the roof of the Nilai manufacturing plant was recently completed.

Representing a major investment for the company, the solar panels will generate up to 1.3 gigawatt hours of clean energy, as much as 22 per cent of its annual energy needs. At the same time, it will reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 920 tonnes per year.

The initiative is part of the Jotun GreenSteps programme, aiming at energy efficiency and other sustainable solutions at the paint company’s production sites.

“At Jotun, we are constantly looking for ways to make a significant difference in the world we all share”, comments Jotun Malaysia Managing Director Claudio Iurilli.

In the Southeast Asia region, Jotun’s goal is to run 20 per cent of all operations on solar energy.

“Our work towards removing energy waste and reducing our carbon footprint will help create a sustainable future for our customers, employees and the community at large”, Iurilli says.

Occupying 93,000 sqm. of land, the Nilai facility is one of Jotun’s largest factories in Southeast Asia. The plant was established in 2011 as a solvent-based paint manufacturing facility and expanded with a new powder coating factory in 2017.

The shift towards sustainability goes beyond solar panels on the factory roof.

In addition, the factory is undergoing several minor steps to become even more energy efficient, such as installing energy-saving LED lighting, equipping lighting systems with automatic timers and ensuring safe proper waste management in the entire factory area.

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Diversity in action

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Taking steps towards a better tomorrow

Can a structured, holistic approach work to improve the environmental performance of a global company, while cutting costs at the same time?