Jotun suspends operations in Russia

Jotun is deeply concerned about the unfolding conflict in Ukraine. The paints and coatings company stands fully behind the international communities’ reaction to the situation.

Because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the sanctions imposed, Jotun has decided to suspend its operations in Russia until further notice.

"We have been operating in Russia for a long time. We have a good team and a modern production site there. However, based on an overall assessment, we now find it both right and necessary to shut down”, Jotun’s President and CEO Morten Fon comments.

“Jotun is deeply concerned about the humanitarian consequences of the ongoing crisis”, he says.

Jotun has been present in Russia since 1989 and has had its own local production since 2017. With more than 300 employees in the country, Russia accounts for between 2 and 3 per cent of Jotun's operating revenues.

Jotun has no legal entity nor facilities in Ukraine. However, the company has four employees in the country. The safety of the employees in Ukraine and Russia is Jotun's major concern.

Jotun's factory in Russia

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Asne Vitterso Kvamme, Group Communications Director, +47 99244648,

Donation to Red Cross/Red Crescent in Ukraine

There is an urgent need for Humanitarian Support to the civilian population in the affected areas in Ukraine. Jotun has donated NOK 3 000 000 to Red Cross/Red Crescent’s humanitarian work in Ukraine.

Another good year for Jotun

Jotun recorded NOK 22 809 million in revenue in 2021, an 8 per cent increase from the year before. Operating profit for the year came in at NOK 3 138 million, the second highest in the company’s history.

Solid progress, but uncertain outlook

Jotun achieved record high revenues in the first eight months of 2021. Operating profit was NOK 2 496 million, but high raw material prices put pressure on the operating margin.