Lebanese Red Crescent giving first aid after the tragis explotion in Beirut harbour
Lebanese Red Crescent giving first aid after the tragis explotion in Beirut harbour

Targeted support

Jotun has supported The International Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC) Movement for many years, providing support to disaster relief efforts through the Norwegian Red Cross.

As the most experienced disaster relief organisation in the world, the ICRC Movement has helped to manage all types of catastrophes, from tsunamis to earthquakes, famines to refugee crises. Working through the Norwegian Red Cross, Jotun has a long and proud history of providing support to the ICRC Movement to manage a broad range of challenging circumstances, all over the world.

Like Jotun, ICRC Movement is a global organisation with a vast network of local operations. This makes it possible for the ICRC Movement to centrally coordinate efforts that extend to crisis situations, worldwide. Over the past decade, Jotun has donated funds through the Norwegian Red Cross to provide relief linked to specific events.

Crisis response

For example, Jotun donated funds to provide relief to those impacted by the tsunami in Japan (2011), the Syrian refugee crisis in (2012 and 2013), the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa (2014), flooding in Myanmar (2015), earthquake relief in Mexico and the Rohingya Muslim refugee crisis in Bangladesh (2017), and earthquake relief in Indonesia in 2018. 

More recently, Jotun has focused its resources to help manage the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike previously localised catastrophes, the pandemic is global, most acutely felt by individuals, families and local businesses in many of the world’s least developed nations.

Distributed donations

In 2020, Jotun’s contribution to ICRC Movement was allocated to four different countries, specifically to those that do not have the health care infrastructure or equipment to mount an effective response to manage outbreaks of COVID 19.

In Iraq, Jotun helped sponsor the distribution of hygiene kits to schools and clinics. In Pakistan, Jotun provided funds to purchase protective equipment and ventilators to aid in case management. Jotun has also enabled the ICRC Movement to fund support staff for screening sites in Honduras and South Sudan.

Prioritising charitable donations

While Jotun does work with other charitable organisations such as UNICEF and Norwegian People Aid (among others), the company values its long-term relationship with the Norwegian Red Cross and The International Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC) Movement. In the years ahead, Jotun will continue to work with these organisations to evaluate where resources are most needed.

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