Four smiling women
Four smiling women

Instant success with extra care

To support the employees when they need it the most, Jotun launched Penguin Care. Six months later the program has already improved the quality of life for several Jotun employees and families throughout the world.

With Care as one of four company values, the global paints manufacturer Jotun has a long tradition of looking after its own.

- Being able to care for your family is essential for all human beings. As an employer we want to support our employees as they navigate the challenges in life, says President and CEO Morten Fon in Jotun.

The key is recognising that work commitment and personal commitment are two parts of a whole — not separate spheres.

- We aim to support our employees to be able to comfortably combine building a career and at the same time looking after their families, says Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion in Jotun, Anja Allouni.

In September 2022, Jotun launched the Penguin Care program. New policies were implemented throughout the organisation, ensuring that the employees get to spend more time (with full pay) with their new-born babies and in situations when family members fall seriously ill.

- There are many countries with very limited maternity and paternity leave arrangements. Having children can be practically and economically challenging for many of our employees around the world. Hence the reactions to the program have been very positive, says Allouni.

And now, less than six months later, the Penguin Care program has already had a major positive impact for several Jotun employees and their families.

Smiling father with happy baby

More time with the family

Smilling father with baby girl in front of a giant penguin statue

Caring beyond the workplace

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Increased maternity leave

Woman in the café area at Jotun Headquarter in Norway

Worth its weight in gold