Employees at Jotun working together
Employees at Jotun working together

Y/OUR development

Every employee is welcome to take part in our very own Academy, explore our mobility programmes abroad, and join numerous on-the-job training opportunities.

Is professional and personal development important to you? Great, we’re happy to hear that! At Jotun, career advancement is not just possible, it’s actively encouraged. 

As a people-oriented company, we want our employees to grow. Allowing people to fulfil their potential is motivating for our employees and beneficial for us as a company. The overall goal is to create a company culture of learning and career progression.

By strengthening your skills within your area of interest, you will be well prepared to make your mark – at Jotun and beyond. To help everyone move forward, we arrange numerous training opportunities.

Employees attending Jotun Marketing Academy.
Employees attending Jotun Marketing Academy.

Jotun Academy

Jotun Academy consists of almost 50 in-house learning programmes on different subjects. As a Jotun employee, you have a chance to develop within sales, finance, management, R&D, purchasing, operations, HR, technology, and much more – there is something for everyone. To meet everyone’s training needs, we cooperate with leading universities and external training providers.

Around 25% of Jotun’s workforce attend at least one training programme every year.

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Employees working together at the academy in Norway

Work experience abroad

An important (and fun!) part of Jotun’s competence development is our mobility programmes. We value respect and promote diversity, and cultural exchange is a way to live up to these ideals. With short-term and long-term options, employees can find an international assignment that suits their situation and ambitions.

Operation management training at Jotun

On-the-job training

Another effective way to keep growing is on-the-job training. We have seen that many employees thrive when they gain a better understanding of the bigger picture. These trainings can take many forms: Social learning, mentoring and coaching, collaborative learning and other interactions with your team or other departments. These initiatives often create opportunities for internal rotation and progression.

Digital and classroom learning in Dubai
Digital workplace training in Dubai.

Digital and classroom learning

It’s important for Jotun to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. This includes offering our employees digital learning opportunities.

During the pandemic in 2020, we rearranged several courses to make them available remotely. Content was split into shorter modules and delivered via MS Teams. More than 20 Jotun Academy training programmes are now available digitally.

At the same time, we appreciate the value of networking and the benefits of meeting face to face. In the words of Competence Management Director Hilde Bettum, “penguins are social beings!”. Even if digital training will play a bigger part in the future, we will stick to traditional classroom learning where possible.

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People walking in the stairs at Jotun's office in Sandefjord, Norway

Work your way around the world

If you have a global mindset, Jotun is a great place to kickstart or advance an international career. We want our employees to grow with us and we offer several mobility programmes abroad.

Melvin Lee has a great career within Jotun

Embracing opportunity

Sandefjord may not share much in common with his birthplace in Malaysia, but for Melvin Lee, Norway is home – for now.