The Jotun Multicolor story

Jotun's colour tinting system, Multicolor, is world leading with over 7,500 installations, nearly 3,500 of them in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

The tinting system was introduced in 1976 and has been thoroughly tested in all markets where we are present.

The competitive edge in customer relationship and profits

The Jotun Multicolor tinting system brings significant savings through lower capital demand as well as by giving improved customer service. The consistent and prominent branding elements of the system also enhance the dealer image. By removing the need for many different containers of coloured paint and replacing them with a small number of white or clear bases, total stock keeping units (SKUs) can be reduced by more than 90 per cent. This does not only simplify the process, but also adds to the convenience and ’feel’ of the paint shopping experience.

Enhancing the image of the paint shops

Multicolor centre with appealing trend colours

Jotun's Multicolor systems and the shop display system give the paint shops an image of being technologically modern and professional.

We strive to make dealing with Jotun products a good experience for all target groups, the shop front being clean, tidy, stand out and being attractive.