Jotun's global R&D network strives to improve existing paints and coatings, and come up with new products and solutions. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke

Innovation – from idea to paint

Jotun is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the paints and coatings industry. At the same time, we strive to be a responsible global company. This is why our brilliant R&D minds work tirelessly to develop products, solutions and practices that help us move towards a more sustainable future.

The Jotun Hull Skater is an underwater robot that is installed onboard a ship. It can be operated remotely by a Jotun Skate Operator, assisted by an onboard Skate Operator Assistant. The Jotun Hull Skater can move over the ship's entire hull, inspecting the hull and if needed removing the first build up of fouling before it becomes a problem.
The Jotun Hull Skater is an underwater robot that is installed onboard a ship.

The Jotun innovation network

At Jotun, most processes for developing new products and solutions are driven from a customer-centric perspective. When a specific challenge arises in one of our markets, we set out to find a solution.

Typically, a new idea will be developed and refined through the Jotun innovation network. This process involves testing the new concept before an innovation board to determine its potential. This thorough process ensures every Jotun global innovation initiative is proven to be effective.

This technology-driven approach has resulted in several technologies, products and solutions that our customers did not even know were possible. Our Hull Skating Solutions is such an example; revolutionising the way ship hulls are cleaned to improve overall performance and sustainability.

Masdar City near Abu Dhabi is aspiring to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Covering an area of approximately 6km2 Masdar City will integrate the full range of renewable energy and sustainability technologies, across a living and working community.
Masdar City near Abu Dhabi is aspiring to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

Working towards a sustainable tomorrow

A significant portion of our R&D effort is targeted at green innovation. As a global player in the paints and coatings industry, Jotun plays a key role in developing more environmentally friendly products, solutions and practices, and also reducing our own carbon footprint.

From the initial selection of raw materials to our own production processes and all the way to end of product life, our life cycle analysis methods make sure our combined footprint is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Find out more about Jotun's holistic approach to sustainability.

Jamie Foster working in the lab. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke
A scientist in the Surface Profiler Room at the R&D centre in Norway

Areas of R&D focus

We strive to stay ahead of the competition by constantly working to improve our entire product portfolio. With powerful tools such as state of the art lab facilities and technology, this comprehensive approach is divided into several areas of R&D focus. These include:

  • Performance coatings - Fouling Protection (Hull Performance)
  • Performance coatings - Anticorrosives
  • Performance coatings - Powder coatings
  • Performance coating - Topcoats
  • Performance coating - Specialities
  • Decorative coatings - Interior
  • Decorative coatings - Exterior
  • Binder technology research
  • Analytical research
  • Multicolor
Jotun paint shop in Singapore
A Multicolor Inspiration centre in Singapore

For the Multicolor area:

Jotun’s advanced Multicolor technology is a huge part of what separates us from the competition. Staying ahead of the pack requires constant R&D initiatives into every aspect of the Multicolor system.

Read more about Jotun's Multicolor concept.

Leading the way

Using nearly a century of experience to solve tomorrow's challenges, we lead the field today. Want to know more about what it's like to work in Jotun? Read more about our global network or the different career paths our scientists often take.

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Looking into an advanced microscope at Jotun's Research and Development centre in Sandefjord, Norway

From local inspiration to global innovation

Our team of expert scientists focus on addressing global challenges, as well as adapting to local specifications and requirements throughout the world.

Signing of the collaboration contract between Jotun and NTNU

Driving change through collaboration

To share and develop knowledge, understanding and technology – as well as enable world leading and sustainable products and solutions – we join forces with academia and external partners.

Scientist Andreas Løken at global paints and coatings company Jotun's main R&D Center in Sandefjord, Norway, performing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements in order to assess barrier properties of protective coatings. Photo: Jotun/Morten Rakke.

Great minds for groundbreaking solutions

Working in Jotun R&D is much more than white lab coats and protective glasses. Prepare to get your hands dirty and learn about a global growth company with vast career possibilities.