Signing of the collaboration contract between Jotun and NTNU
Signing of the collaboration contract between Jotun and NTNU

Driving change through collaboration

To share and develop knowledge, understanding and technology – as well as enable world leading and sustainable products and solutions – we join forces with academia and external partners.

Jotun has partnered with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to promote education and research initiatives in relevant areas. The main focus is product development and sustainable solutions – such as new ways to reduce emissions from shipping and improve corrosion protection for onshore and offshore installations.

The long-term goal behind the collaboration with NTNU is to share knowledge and work together to develop new technologies. Given our shared interest in advancing research and technology development, the partnership seemed like a natural fit.

“Here at Jotun, we realise the importance of connecting business and academia so as to benefit from one another,” Jotun President and CEO Morten Fon said when the collaboration was established.

“We believe that the collaboration with NTNU will lead to rapid technology development and a faster pace of innovation”, he continued.

Three people attending the collaboration event
At the collaboration event. From left: Øyvind Gregersen, Professor and Dean at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU; Svein Gunvaldsen, Vice President R&D Performance Coatings and Christer L. Opstad, Global R&D Director Fouling Protection

A win-win partnership

In the mutually beneficial formal partnership, the flow of information will be a two-way street. Just as NTNU students will learn from practical field experience with Jotun, we as a company will benefit greatly from having access to the NTNU research initiatives and databases.

“Jotun is a world-leading player. NTNU can learn from Jotun, and we at NTNU can assist Jotun with research-based, interdisciplinary knowledge and advanced research infrastructure,” said Øyvind Gregersen, Professor and Dean at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at NTNU.

“The collaboration is positive both for our research environments and for our students, who can contribute to relevant projects.”

Øyvind Gregersen


As part of the partnership arrangement, some of Jotun’s personnel will offer guest lectures and guide students in choosing specific topics for their master’s thesis. As a proof of another outcome of the collaboration, a Jotun R&D expert began in her role as Associated professor at NTNU in October 2021.

Joint research initiatives

The joint research efforts will involve studying challenges in areas where NTNU students can provide technical assistance in helping to solve a specific industry-related challenge.

The initiatives already underway include explorations into solutions that can reduce emissions from shipping, such as using innovative surface structures to reduce friction and corresponding fuel consumption.

Another joint initiative is studying how creating air bubbles around the ship's hull can improve propulsion and lower emissions. Both projects have received support from the Norwegian Research Council.

Working together for a sustainable future

In recent years, Jotun has developed increasingly advanced solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the lifecycle of objects and installations. These efforts fit nicely with disciplines and areas of focus at NTNU.

“For Jotun, the collaboration with NTNU better facilitates the development of innovative and sustainable solutions to benefit both the environment and our customers,” said Christer L. Opstad, Global R&D Director Fouling Protection at Jotun.

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