Be it big ticket items, such as agricultural or construction equipment, small metal tools, garden furniture, or a multitude of other product types, Jotun offers a tough coating against corrosion, and an aesthetic finish to provide your products with protection. This will add value to your items, giving them a tough finish while enhancing their appearance through various patterns and textures, as well as a multi-colour selection.

In addition to these products, Jotun provides better protection and finishing to the following:

Automotive components

  • Customized to meet various requirements of OEMs
  • Consumption savings and efficiencies
  • Consistent quality
  • Top Technical Support
  • International customer reference
Shelving & Racking
  • Smooth flow
  • Customised colour shades
  • Low curing and high coverage (mileage)
Electrical Cabinets
  • Tough coatings/finishing to provide durable protection
  • Various patterns/textures
  • Corrosion protection
Powder coating solutions contain zero VOC and are environmentally friendly. The production process is because of faster recoating than liquid and a higher coverage rate per kilogram of powder, giving your products enhanced productivity and excellent mileage.

Whether it is basic aesthetics to better the appearance of your products or a more focused requirement, such as superior corrosion protection, resistance to environmental situations, abrasion and mechanical resistance, our experienced team is at your service.