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Jotun reduces print delivery distance by equivalent of a trip to the Moon


PRESS RELEASE: Gelato has enabled Jotun to reduce the delivery distance of its print material by 373,000 km in 2018, the equivalent of travelling from the Earth to the Moon. The partnership has also reduced associated CO2 emissions by 113,000 kg and reduced print costs by 47 percent.

A kezdeti évi 100 tonna eladott mennyiségtől a jelenlegi, évi 1000 tonna eladott porfesték mennyiségig

2019-03-21 - Paulina Marciniak

From 100 to 1000 tonnes of powder coating a year! Meet Gabor Kovacs, Sales Representative from Hungary. Learn how to lead a successful small sales organisation, and get to know what you cannot miss when you go for a holiday to Hungary.

Jotun sees signs of improvement


PRESS RELEASE: Supported by strong performance towards the end of the year, Jotun achieved an operating revenue of NOK 17,660 million in 2018, an increase of eight per cent compared to 2017. Good growth in the sales of protective coatings suggest improvement in global markets.

Jotun Facade


Jó időjárás-ellenálló képesség 10 év termékgaranciával. 
Qualicoat Class 1, GSB Standard, AAMA 2603

Jotun and Kansai Paint build relationship to meet marine and protective demand


PRESS RELEASE: Jotun, a global leader in marine coatings, and Kansai Paint, a leading coating supplier in Japan, have signed an agreement to develop their existing alliance. The partners are now looking to emulate the success they’ve achieved in the Marine segment in the Protective Market.