Y/our Recruitment

Jotun is now transferring to a new recruitment solution, from Webcruiter to Workday.

All information that has been delivered to Jotun will be automatically deleted in accordance with our GDPR policy

When registering your CV before 17th June 2021, you have accepted Webcruiters terms and conditions for a “Master CV”. Webcruiter is the data controller for this Master CV, and you can use this to share your CV or apply to other companies than Jotun if they use the Webcruiter system. If you wish to edit, change or delete this Master CV, you have to log on to your master CV through this link. The user guide to administer your Master CV can be found here.

If you want to use your Webcruiter CV to auto-fill a CV in our new recruitment system, you can do this by accessing the link above, click on “my CV”, click “download as PDF”. When you then apply for a new position through Workday, you can click “autofill with resume” and upload the PDF. This will autofill your CV which you can review before applying.

For more information explore the most Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates.