Jotun Hull Skating Solutions

Jotun Hull Skating Solutions is a revolutionary solution utilizing proactive cleaning to deliver an always clean hull in the most challenging operations. (Challenging operations is where there is a higher risk of accumulation of fouling). Bringing fouling from one part of the world ocean to another also increases the risk of spreading invasive species.

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Solution components

SeaQuantum Skate is the High-performance coatings included in the solution. The antifouling is designed and thoroughly tested to work in perfect harmony with the HullSkater. 

Proactive condition monitoring of the vessel enables to predict when an inspection mission and proactive cleaning is needed and monitors the performance of the vessel. 

The Jotun HullSkater is executing the inspection and proactive cleaning. The HullSkater is an advanced underwater robotics installed during docking, remotely operated by a Jotun Skate Operator. 

High-end and technical service includes a dedicated project manager in dock, following paint application, HullSkater installation, operation by a Skate Operator and service and support. 

The solution is delivered with extended performance and service level guarantees fitting the most challenging operations.

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