The fire at Jotun September 15, 2021

Wednesday September 15 there was a fire at an energy central in connection with Jotun’s binder factory close to the Group headquarters in Sandefjord, Norway. No one was severely injured.

The energy central after the fire
The energy central in Sandefjord after the fire.

The fire started around 3 PM in the energy central supplying the binder factory. All employees were quickly evacuated. Fire and Rescue teams arrived shortly after. Only two minor injuries are reported.

The fire was under control after approximately two hours.

“The safety of our employees is our highest priority in such a situation. We are relieved that neither our employees nor members of the Fire and Rescue teams sustained serious injury from the incident”, states Jotun Group Communications Director Christian Espolin Johnson. “Feedback from police and fire department is that evacuation ran smoothly”, he says.

A safety zone of 500 meters around the site was quickly established due to the smoke caused by the fire. As a precaution, lenses were deployed in the surrounding waters.

The fire did not spread further, neither to the binder factory nor to any surrounding buildings.

“At the moment, we do not expect the incident to have significant impact on short term deliveries”, Espolin Johnson continues.

In accordance with internal routines, Jotun has begun an investigation of the incident.

“A commission of inquiry from the Jotun Group has been established to investigate the incident and to understand how this can be prevented in the future”, he comments.

For further information:

Asne Vitterso Kvamme, Group Communications Director, +47 99244648,

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