Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun
Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun

Citizen of the world

Yi Huang’s willingness to embrace opportunities has led to a truly global career with Jotun.

Yi Huang’s career with Jotun has taken her around the world, but thanks to her dedication, competence, and good networking skills she is always welcome, where she goes.

Born in Shanghai in 1985, Yi has always sought to expand her horizons. “After I earned a degree in management and international accounting from Shanghai University in 2008, I found a job with Ernst & Young, the UK-based accounting firm,” she says. “Through that organisation, I had a chance to work for a Norwegian client and was able to travel to Norway,” she says.  “I loved it, so when I decided to get my master’s degree, I decided to apply to BI, a business school in Oslo.”

Expat in Norway

Coming from a big, noisy city in China, Yi especially appreciated Oslo’s clean air and how close the city is to the forest and sea. “Norway is a beautiful country, but I also liked the culture,” she says. “Norwegians are supportive, but they also encourage independent thinking and problem-solving.”

After graduating from BI in 2013, she found work with Grieg Star, a shipping and investment company based in Bergen, on Norway’s west coast. “It rains a lot in Bergen, but the west coast of Norway is truly spectacular!” she says. “I enjoyed my time in Bergen but wanted to work for a larger, more international company.  Because I worked in shipping, I knew Jotun was the world leader in marine coatings, so I decided to apply.”

Life on the road

Yi was offered a job in 2014 as a Group Finance Controller (Internal Audits).  In addition to supporting personnel in Group Finance in Sandefjord, she was selected to travel throughout the network to audit local units. “In my seven years with Jotun, I have visited more than 30 different Jotun companies, travelling about 80 days a year,” she says. “It sounds like a lot, but I love to travel and get to know my colleagues in different countries.”

When she is not working, Yi enjoys relaxing at home, pursuing her interests in interior design, cooking, Chinese watercolour paintings and watching documentaries and series on streaming platforms.  “I used to play badminton but these days, I keep active by taking long walks or doing yoga,” she says. “When I get time off, I like to travel with friends or visit family in Shanghai.”

In March 2020, Yi moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she is Regional Finance Director for the South East Asia Pacific region. While restrictions related to the pandemic have reduced her travel, Yi looks forward to visiting more of her colleagues in the region.  “I love to explore new places, but it’s nice to know I will be welcomed by my colleagues, wherever I go,” she says.  “Working for Jotun is like having family all over the world!”

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