Jotun employees at a factory in Norway

Y/OUR opportunities

Explore the world with Jotun. As a company that believes in professional and personal development, we want you to keep growing and expand your horizons.

Find your place in Jotun


Build the next generation of Jotun factories and keep our existing sites in top condition.

Technical service

Join a team of specialised coating advisors who offer unrivalled technical service around the world.

Research and development

Develop innovative products and services that protect, beautify and add value to properties.

Sales and technical sales support

Grow our business and deliver excellent customer support on the frontline.

Marketing and innovation

Join the customer-driven teams behind the strategies that keep Jotun ahead of the competition.

Human resources and Learning and development

Help us to attract, hire and support the growth of our greatest asset: Jotun employees.


Find your fit within the departments that cover production, maintenance, process, logistics, and health and safety.

Information technology

Assist and support our infrastructure and end-users all over the world.

Finance and administration

Support our business in essential areas such as finance, legal and compliance, and communications.

Work around the world

Stein Kjolberg at the golf course

Hit the American dream

Stein Kjølberg is one of many Jotun employees with various positions and countries under the belt. Now the Norwegian is packing his golf clubs and moving to the US.

Faten Lubani. Photo: Heidi Marie Goperod

Diversity in the workplace pays off

“Focusing on diversity and inclusion gives huge benefits – both on an individual and corporate level”, says Faten Lubani in Globale Sandefjord and Åsmund Bergem in Jotun.

Joyful employees at Jotun Philippines encouraged to bring their true self to work every day

Proud diversity celebration in the Philippines

During their very own diversity campaign this month, the employees at Jotun Philippines are encouraged to bring their true self to work every day.

Happy people forming the word JOTUN

Stepping up the game on diversity

As an increasingly global company in an increasingly diversified world, Jotun is embracing differences amongst our more than 10,200 employees.

Verena Zeriul at an Italian shipyard

Breaking barriers at the shipyard

Being the only woman onboard is no problem for Technical Sales Support specialist Verena Zeriul in Jotun Italy. She appreciates the company’s investments in her training and development.

Emma McArthur

Living the American dream

Emma McArthur knew nothing about paint when she joined Jotun. Eight years later she finds herself in Houston, Texas, as part of a Jotun America that never has performed better.

Perihan Gundag in the laboratory in Turkey

Passion for learning

As both a Senior R&D Chemist in Jotun Turkey and PhD student, Perihan Gundag faces new ideas and perspectives every day. However, it is the teamwork in the lab that motivates her the most.

Yi Huang has a global career within Jotun

Citizen of the world

Yi Huang’s willingness to embrace opportunities has led to a truly global career with Jotun.

Norunn Folsvik is not afraid of diving into new challenges

Leap of faith

Sometimes, taking big risks pays off. For Norunn Folsvik, trying something new sometimes means putting doubts aside.

Melvin Lee has a great career within Jotun

Embracing opportunity

Sandefjord may not share much in common with his birthplace in Malaysia, but for Melvin Lee, Norway is home – for now.

Regional Jotun Colour Marketing Manager Rana Khadra teaching a Jotun Colour Academy class.

Getting out of your comfort zone

As colour and paint have a major impact on our surroundings, investing in getting to know the science behind it can enable us to make better choices. Because in the 21st century, we never stop learning.

Two scientists working at the R&D centre in Norway

Investing in a multicultural workforce

Hiring people from all over the world can yield positive results in more ways than one. Saying yes to diversity means “we often arrive at better solutions, faster” says the R&D Director.

Serena Gonsalves

Leading the way for the next generation

Driven by boldness and ambition to learn, Serena Gonsalves continues to make her mark in the global and diverse world of Jotun. Read on to discover how she’s paving the way for the next generation of leaders.

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